Polylang Additional Fields



Jan 5, 2023


New field types

We have added new field types to Polylang which is our database validation language.

  • map<string | number, T>, these are like objects in JavaScript and can be used to store key-value pairs where the keys can be either strings or numbers and the values can have any (static) type

  • string[], number[], boolean[], these are arrays that can store multiple values of either string, number, or boolean

  • Nested fields: You can now define nested fields within your collection, such as info: { name: string; }

  • boolean, a simple true/false field that can be used to store boolean values.

Maps, arrays, and nested fields are not indexable yet, we will be deploying that soon.

Fields are now indexed automatically

We now automatically create indexes for all string, number, and boolean fields.

This means the user doesn’t need to define indexes on fields to be able to filter or sort them.

Indexes are still needed for multi-field filters and sorting (like name=John && surname=Smith).


You can now use C-style (or Javascript-style) single-line and multi-line comments. This allows you to include human-readable documentation and notes within your collection code.

Polybase comments

Reduced bundle size

We reduced the JS bundle size for the parser from 1.4MB to 0.6 MB.

This will improve the loading speed for websites that use the Polybase SDK.