How to get started with Polybase

  1. Review the whitepaper

  2. Read the documentation

  3. Check out example apps

  4. Install the SDK

Review the whitepaper

The Polybase whitepaper goes over the vision, purpose and architecture of Polybase. This a good place to start to understand important concepts like decentralization, zero knowledge proofs and merkle trees.

Read the documentation

The docs have a “Getting started” section that introduces developers to the SDK and APIs they can use to interact with the database. This includes creating a collection (table), setting up permissions, writing data and querying data.

Check out example apps

Polybase Social shows how to use the Polybase SDK to create a simple decentralized Twitter type app. Users log in with their wallet (like Metamask) to post messages. The code is open source so it can be used as a template for other apps.

Install the SDK

The Polybase SDK is available as a package on NPM. Developers can npm install @polybase/client in their front-end applications to interact with the database. There are also React hooks for easier integration into React projects.